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    KUMON is the largest and most established after-school enrichment programme in the world, with over 4 million students enrolled across 50 countries and regions. We constantly seek like-minded individuals who are committed to shape the future generations of Malaysia.

    Why Choose KUMON Franchise?

    More reasons to join Kumon Franchise


    Established Worldwide

    As one of the most well-established franchises in the world, with more than 24,700 centres globally, Kumon serves more than 4 million children across 50 countries and regions.


    Franchise Fee

    You don't have to pay a premium to partner with us.* Kumon has the lowest franchise fee(s) in the industry.

    * Based upon review of information from and reported figures of other education franchises.



    Our training and support begins from day one. You'll never be alone on your journey. Our trainers and fellow franchisees are ever ready to give you a hand.

    There will be various platforms organised by Kumon Office for instructors to continue to learn from one another annually:

    1. Annual Direction Seminar
    2. National Instructor Conference
    3. Instructors seminar
    4. Study Group


    Proven Franchise Business Model

    Tried and tested since it was created 60 years ago and proven with over 4 million students, you can count on our simple but effective business model to ensure you have better odds to succeed in the education business.

    The Role of a KUMON Instructor

    Is a KUMON Franchise
    Right for You?

    Yes! As long as you fulfil the following requirements:


    Malaysian citizen and a Degree holder in any discipline or professional qualification with a credit in Mathematics & English in SPM


    Excellent interpersonal and communication skills


    Able to commit full time. Kumon Franchisees are required to be the instructors for their respective centres.

    Recruitment Process

    Our recruitment process is stringent as we believe that it is our responsibility to ensure that each child is able to achieve their fullest potential and excel in their academics. As such, franchisees / instructors carry great responsibility to ensure this. All applicants are required to undergo the recruitment process as reflected below. Applicants who have passed the process below will be selected as Kumon’s next franchise/instructor.


    Submit Kumon Franchise Application Form


    Attend Kumon's Franchise Briefing & First interview


    Mathematics & English Test


    Attend Kumon's Franchise Orientation


    Franchise Proposal Presentation & Final Interview


    Attend 4-week New Instructor Training Course by Kumon HQ


    Franchise Agreement Signing and Centre Opening

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What type of questions are covered in the proficiency tests?

    Each test covers a range of basic arithmetic and reading comprehension exercises in English and/or native language.

    Where is the training for new Instructors conducted?

    Typically, training takes place at the local offices. It is compulsory for candidates to attend this training. Upon completion of the 4-weeks New Instructor Training course, follow-up trainings are provided after the commencement of your centre to ensure that the operations of your centre meets the strict requirements of Kumon.

    What is included in the training for new Franchisee / Instructors?

    Topics covered in the training include:

    • Kumon principles
    • The Kumon Method, curriculum, and learning materials
    • Student assessment and enrolment
    • The effective implementation of study programmes
    • Communication with parents and students
    • Centre management strategies
    • Centre administration, policies, and procedures

    How are the available locations selected?

    At Kumon, we believe in providing greater accessibility for students to attend Kumon. As such, we will evaluate the opportunity in locations nationwide. The decision will be made and discussed during the application process.

    How does Kumon Help to Improve Children's Life Skills?
    – Instructor Ms. Yasmine

    Kumon helps to develop students’ self-learning skill. This will definitely benefit the students when they enter the work force as it will help them to figure out a solution and think out of the box.

    Kumon also helps to train students to be persistent and never give up when they progress to a new level or when faced with challenging questions.

    These two key features are essential and vital in a child’s development and I can foresee that students will be mentally tougher and be more willing to take up challenges if they are equipped with the right skills.

    What Do Instructors Think About Advanced Study?
    – Instructor Ms. Nora

    In Malaysia, the revised Standard Based Curriculum for Primary & Secondary School [KSSR & KSSM] necessitates children to think beyond their age with the introduction of High Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) or Kemahiran Berfikir Aras Tinggi (KBAT)] at an early age.

    School is now very challenging for the young ones. They need to learn quickly, process and level up their thinking capabilities to avoid being left behind; indeed a very stressful situation especially for preschool and even primary school-going children.

    Advanced study helps children manage these expectations. Children who are studying beyond their school grade will be more prepared to embark on the learning experience in class as they have already possessed the knowledge. All they need to focus on now is levelling up their High Order Thinking Skills, and think outside of the box.

    How Is Kumon Different From Other Enrichment Centres
    – Instructor Ms. Dana

    As an instructor speaking objectively, Kumon centres are simply better. We, as instructors, are the heart of the centre. Our philosophy makes a difference from Day 1 of the child’s journey. We strive to encourage the child to reach his or her limitless potential. Each class day is seen as an opportunity to praise and encourage the child to self-lead.

    We believe that every child can learn, whether they are slow learners or special needs students, and we approach each child with the same dedication. As an instructor, I have had children with a short attention span and a profound dislike for Maths, aiming to study Engineering. It warms my heart every time.

    We believe that ‘’every child is a bud waiting to flower”. The Kumon instructor is an integral part of the Kumon experience. The Kumon instructor is not only qualified to teach academic subjects, but also has been trained to recognise strengths that need to be nurtured in children.