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KUMON is the largest and most established after-school enrichment programme in the world with over 4 million students currently enrolled across 50 countries and regions. At KUMON, we believe that all children possess limitless potential and it is our role as educators to help each child unlock their unique talent and ability.

Here are 7 Reasons
Why You Should Choose KUMON

Fosters your child's love of learning

At Kumon, your child gets to learn in accordance with his or her ability, at their ‘just right’ level. When he or she begins to study from an easy starting point, without the pressure to excel based on their age or school grade level, it enables them to truly experience the joy of learning and progress at their own pace.

Builds your child's confidence

Self-confidence in a student is priceless – and the earlier it begins, the stronger it can grow. Self-confidence is the first step towards achieving success. The Maths and English Programmes at Kumon are designed to develop their self-confidence and self-esteem, as they progress with each lesson.

Develop your child's self-learning ability

With the Kumon Method, students are able to study independently from an early age and develop a high level of academic ability, or what we at Kumon refer to as the "self-learning" ability.

Build your child's concentration and perseverance

Students need to study at the 'right' level. Over time, their minds will be trained to concentrate better and they will become more confident to solve any problems as long as they put their minds to it.

Ignite your child’s critical thinking

Kumon knows that book learning is the pillar of a student's success - but there are other non-academic achievements that should be factored in that are equally important. Life skills such as critical thinking and problem-solving should be instilled to ensure students develop a love for learning and are able to stretch their potential further.

Advancing beyond his/her school grade level

At Kumon, we believe that the most beneficial thing we can do for children is to furnish them with the ability to advance to higher level material through self-learning as early as possible. This increases the opportunities for them o to progress further beyond their current school grade as well as excel in school.

Beyond academic excellence

When the Kumon Method was first developed, Toru Kumon theorised that as long as his son was able to do Maths easily in high school, he would have plenty of time to spend on other pursuits that he was interested in. In today’s competitive and demanding world, giving your child the freedom to develop skills in their areas of interest is essential to their success later in life.

The KUMON Method was born from a father's love for his child.


Founder of Kumon

When Toru Kumon developed the Kumon Method, his aim was to ensure that his son is able to do Maths in high school and would not be overly pressured by the subject and have sufficient time to explore other pursuits that he was interested in.

With the aim of helping his son gain independence in learning, Toru Kumon prepared his own learning materials and study method. He wrote out Mathematic problems on loose-leaf worksheets and combined them with a self-study method that would enable his son to advance by himself.

This laid the foundation for Kumon’s individualised approach that enables each student to learn in accordance with his or her academic ability, and for Kumon’s pursuit of limitless potential; both of which we continue to place utmost importance on.


How will Kumon benefit your child? Let's look at some of the characteristics of a Kumon child:

Has a strong academic foundation

Able to manage school work

Enjoys doing school work



Has critical thinking and problem-solving skills

Has good concentration ability

Possesses good learning habits

Has a sense of achievement

Has the ability to self-learn new topics

Believe you can, and you will

Meet 9-year old Sarah Liew, a Kumon student. At her tender age, she's already doing Form 2 Simultaneous Linear Equation, which is a good five years ahead of her peers.

Her motivation? Herself. “I want to prove to myself that I can do it,” she says with confidence.

The Kumon Method believes that every child is able to unlock their limitless potential and he or she, like Sarah, has the ability to progress beyond his or her school grade.

But how? Sarah's mum says it best.

"One thing I believe in Kumon is its systematic approach in unleashing the full potential of a child. It is important to make sure that your child spends a little time everyday to do their Kumon homework even if it’s during holidays."

Perseverance. Discipline. Confidence. With a little help from Kumon, your child could be like Sarah too.

Successful people always finish what they started

That was the advice given by Mr Amirul to his children - Elina, 16; Aiman, 13 and Danish, 8. A firm believer that persistence pays off, Mr Amirul and his wife, Ms Elin, overcame all challenges to enrol their children in both Kumon's English and Maths programmes.

Heeding their father’s advice and motivated by their self-improvement, Elina and Aiman have successfully completed all the levels and both became Kumon English Completers.

Not to be outdone, their younger brother Danish worked hard and successfully became a "Kumon 5 years Advanced Student" in Mathematics!

As quoted by Mr Amirul, “Successful people always finish what they started.”

We at Kumon certainly hope that this spirit stays with our students and takes them further in life.

Never be afraid to make mistakes

Meet Victor Dheing, a 6-year old pre-schooler who enrolled in our Kumon Mathematics programme. In just 10 months since he started the programme, Victor is now solving problems that are 2 years in advance of his age.

His secret? An ability to calculate numbers quickly garnered through constant practice and more importantly, a willingness to learn from his mistakes.

“No matter what failure he encounters, he will be okay and will try again,“ Victor’s mum testified.

At Kumon, young children like Victor are taught that mistakes are part and parcel of the learning process, and that we can always improve and progress in life if we have the courage to face and correct the mistakes we made.

Be brave and take risks!

Big words from a 9-year old. Not just that, Mohgiendran has a big ambition too. He dreams to be an aerospace engineer one day. In his 2nd year of study at Kumon, Mohgiendran is confident and never afraid to think big. He likes being praised when he achieves something, and that motivates him to willingly undertake more challenges.

Last year, he took on the challenge to participate in an international competition and that has become one of his proudest moments in life.

Mohgiendran is now studying Kumon materials 3 years advanced in Mathematics and believes that Kumon can help him build the confidence to achieve anything that he wants in life.