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Kumon Malaysia

  1. Consistency is Key

Attending classes regularly and consistently completing your worksheets daily will foster positive study habits both at home and in school. This in turn will pave way for a student to master challenging topics and advance to higher levels.


This will also help students learn how to better focus on completing a task before moving on to the next item on their checklist. Students will also acquire better time management capabilities for activities within as well as outside the classroom.


  1. Strive for Accuracy

More often than not, the chances for error occurs mostly due to messy workings which would confuse the student further. Practice writing neatly and state your workings clearly as you go along. This will demonstrate that the student understands the problem and is able to identify the steps required to attain the solution. Particularly for Levels E, F, G and H, it is important for students to write down their workings, as this will also help students identify any inaccuracies.


  1. Understand Errors

Making mistakes is a key part of the learning process as it facilitates better understanding of mistakes made while it reinforces learning. With this, students are more aware of their mistakes and will avoid making similar ones in the future. Learning to understand errors will also inculcate self-learning in individuals, further shaping them to be independent learners who are able to learn from one’s own mistakes.


  1. Comprehend Instructions and Examples

Always read the instructions and examples provided in the worksheets before approaching the questions. This helps students understand what is required from the given question or topic. Particularly when attempting new materials for the first time, a deeper understanding of the examples provided will give students a better idea on how to apply learned methods from previous levels. Students will then be able to learn independently and become more motivated to take on advance levels.


  1. Set a Goal

Identify your goal as this would help you stay focused and motivated to press forward. Students can discuss these goals with their Instructor and the Instructor can guide them to be independent in time management, observe their progress and assist students to move to higher, more challenging levels. Be independent and take an active interest in your daily progress. Through independence, discipline and hard work, you will be able to master levels and build a strong foundation in the subject, be it Maths or English.