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Learning can become boring at times, regardless of your academic ability or level of interest in studying. With so many facts to digest and memorise, not all of which will be engaging, studying can feel like a chore and motivation can decrease. During these times, it’s useful to have a few reliable study approaches and motivational ideas to rely on in order to re-energise your energy and make the learning experience more fun.

Here are some suggestions to help you rediscover the passion of learning and excel!

1.Listen to music

Everyone is different, and some people find it difficult to concentrate when music is playing in the background. But if you’re struggling to understand a subject, listening to some music might be beneficial. Experiment around to find the right kind of music that works for you. Some people may find that they can’t concentrate on their work when there are lyrics in the music, so some gentle orchestral, piano or jazz music may do the trick. Some classical music from Mozart has been said to be particularly good for the brain cells too!

2. Use flashcards

How do flashcards work? You can design the flashcards so that one side of the card has a question and the other side has the answer. After you’ve read the question, say your answer out loud before flipping over the flashcard to check if the answer is correct. Flashcards can be a great revision tool and you can use them anytime to make learning more fun, not just during the exam season. Try to simplify the information on the flashcards and ensure that the design is visually memorable.

3. Make up some mnemonics

Mnemonic refers to the process of converting knowledge into a form that is easier to remember. For example, to recall the compass directions (“North, East, South, West”), many people use the mnemonic “Never Eat Shredded Wheat.” You can use this technique to help you remember facts that are harder to memorise.

4. Study with a friend

Studying with a friend is a guaranteed way to make studying more fun, and it’s even more beneficial to those who tend to procrastinate. It can be difficult to motivate oneself when you’re studying alone, but with someone else there to support you, the studying process can be much easier! Here are a few tips on how you can make your study session with a friend more productive!

  • Compare notes on ideas and share your thoughts and views on school projects and assignments with each other.
  • Allocate different topics for each of you to study and take turn to teach each other about what you’ve been learning. Having to explain a concept to someone else gives you better clarity as it forces you to fully understand it.
  • Quiz each other to test what you’ve learned.