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Kumon is committed to maximising the potential of each individual student. Our Kumon instructors provide their students with just enough guidance to allow each student to complete the exercises on their own. As a result, our students learn that if they strive hard enough, they can achieve anything – while developing high self-esteem and gain the ability to take on new challenges for themselves.

Here are some tips on how to make the most of the Kumon experience and succeeding academically.

Consistency. It’s important to schedule time each day and make it a daily habit to complete the Kumon worksheets. Consistency is a crucial factor in achieving success, not just for improving memory, but also in cultivating essential virtues such as discipline, hard work and confidence in children. Through Kumon, children can learn the significance of consistency and experience incremental progress by dedicating a little bit of effort every day.

Accuracy. Kumon’s approach emphasises the importance of accuracy. The programme’s worksheets are designed with small, manageable steps that enable students to progress at their own pace. Starting off with easy worksheets, students will gradually work their way up and begin working on more complex worksheets, which enhances their sense of accomplishment and motivation to continue studying. To improve their Maths skills, students must also learn to calculate quickly and with accuracy, which is why Kumon’s worksheets feature problems specifically designed to develop these abilities. Through the programme’s small-step worksheets, students can identify and correct mistakes, thus fostering their logical thinking skills. Kumon instructors will also demonstrate to students on ways to find and fix mistakes on their own, which helps them improve their accuracy and overall Maths skills.

Self-learning. Kumon encourages students to take charge of their own learning and be self-reliant. Using the Kumon Method, students can learn independently from a young age and develop strong academic skills, thus cultivating “self-learning.” This approach trains Kumon students to become independent thinkers, capable of solving complex challenges on their own, even in their future careers. Ultimately, the skills students gain through Kumon can help them achieve their goals and aspirations.

Application. Finally, it is crucial to continue applying the learnings in Kumon in their school setting. By continuously using the concepts and skills gained through Kumon in their schoolwork and classwork, students can further strengthen their academic performance. Remember that consistent hard work will always yield positive results.