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Parents play a vital role in raising and shaping the personalities of children as well as their outlook on life. Parents often ponder on ways to raise their children so that they will eventually be successful in their lives. However, no parenting books can teach us that. Often, we give our all without realising that we have exceeded certain boundaries.

Here are some pointers for parents to take note of on how to raise your children without overparenting them.

  1. Give your child things they can own and control

Involve your children in their own upbringing. According to research, children who set their goals, create their weekly schedules and evaluate their work all on their own helps them develop a stronger frontal cortex and gain greater control over their lives. Allowing your children to experience successes and failures on their own terms will teach them self-reliance, independence and responsibility from a young age.

2. Show your child that you value who they are as a person

It is best to start teaching children how to love themselves from their early childhood. They must first learn to love themselves before they can love others. For that, we must demonstrate to them what unconditional love looks or feels like. It is vital for parents to prioritise uninterrupted family time once they get home from work. Put your phone away, turn off the TV, look your children in the eye and spend quality time with them.

3.Teach your child to help out around the house

Let them know that they must clean the mess they made on their own. Reminders are important, until they are able to execute a given task independently. This will teach them to be self-sufficient and responsible, which will come in handy in the later years of their lives.

4. Little things do matter

Almost everything – big or small – that parents do, have a positive impact on their children. An act can be as small as talking and listening to them, responding to them warmly, teaching them their alphabets and numbers or as huge as taking them on field trips or a vacation. Reading to them daily is extremely beneficial for their emotional growth. As such, parents should not take these little things for granted. When it comes to children, even seemingly small details matter!

Different parents may have different approaches to raising their children. These are just some of the ways which can be helpful for you. At Kumon, we endeavour to continuously support every parent’s effort in harnessing the fullest potential in a child.