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What is the most important feature of Kumon? According to Toru Kumon, founder of Kumon, the most important aspect of Kumon is the “just-right” level of study.

The “just-right” level of study in Kumon is the optimum level for each student to develop academically. It can be a comfortable level or a challenging one, depending on what is best for each student. However, what remains constant is that it must always be at a level in which students can repeatedly experience a sense of accomplishment and progress on their own without being taught. Keeping this in mind, Kumon Instructors continuously challenge students to grow by gradually increasing the level of difficulty of the worksheets assigned to them.

When studying at the “just-right” level, students are provided with a suitable amount of mental stimulus, similar to what they would need to attempt appropriate physical tasks in order to build a stronger body. Students will gain self-confidence and an understanding that they can do something if they give it a try, which enables them to build a higher level of academic ability.

All students have varying levels of academic ability. If students were to study the same content simply because they are of the same age, some may lose confidence because the material might be too difficult, while for others, it may be too easy. Thereby, Kumon ensures that students are always provided with worksheets that are neither too difficult, nor too easy. When they are given what is “just-right” for them, they will enjoy the learning process as this will help them advance beyond their school grade. Kumon Instructors will set study projections, progress updates and observations of a student to ensure that the “just-right” level of study is maintained for each individual student.

To this day, the Kumon Method continues to use worksheets that is suitable for each student and let them attempt it out independently using hints, examples and if necessary, guidance from the Instructors. Studying at the “just-right” level is not about competing with others to be the best, but, focusing on each individual child with the aim of drawing out their potential to the fullest. We at Kumon believe that learning is about taking on the challenge to develop and improve yourself, and in the process, gaining the ability to do what you were not able to, yesterday.