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“The key to success is dedication to life-long learning.” – Stephen Covey

The Kumon Method is designed to help students learn progressively at his or her own pace and ultimately learn beyond their actual school grade level. Kumon worksheets are prepared with step-by-step examples to guide students to self-learn, with minimal guidance from the instructor. This method encourages students to not only learn independently but further hone their critical thinking skill, which is essential in their growing years. Founded by Toru Kumon in 1954, the Kumon Method has been proven effective until today, nurturing students to achieve their limitless potential.

Kumon Student Success Story_Vikramadhitya.jpeg

Vikramadhitya Vickneswaran (Vikram) is a 10-year old boy from Johor Bahru who began his Kumon journey at the tender age of 5. His mother, Ms Malarvelee discovered Kumon online, during her search for a suitable after-school enrichment programme for her son. Within a year of attending Kumon classes, she observed a significant difference in her son. Not only was he able to comprehend and complete his worksheets, he became more disciplined and systematic in completing his day-to-day homework. Furthermore, he quickly understood the importance of time management and endeavours to complete his tasks according to his set schedule. Witnessing these positive changes in her son, Ms Malarvelee was very happy and pleased that the Kumon Method has helped her son progress. Shortly after, she enrolled her 5-year old daughter for Kumon classes as well. Following her brother’s footsteps, Vikram’s sister is also very disciplined in planning her study time and completes her homework on time, as encouraged by her brother.

Beyond developing critical thinking and a sense of independence, Kumon students also develop resilience and determination that encourages them to fulfill their ambitions. Vikram said, “I love Maths because it is fun and challenging at the same time!’’ He also shared that he wants to become a civil engineer in the future!

Vikram is now learning 5 years ahead of his school grade. He has become more confident and is determined to take on challenges to solve more complex Maths questions. Beyond that, he also finds joy in helping his friends who face difficulties in the subject. When asked what was his secret to success, he shared that one must practice active listening as it is essential to pay attention in class as well as respect teachers and instructor as they have been instrumental in guiding him on this learning journey.

Beyond academic achievements, Vikram is also active in various extracurricular activities such as Robotics and badminton. He also loves spending time playing Lego. His parents are his constant cheerleaders who fully support his interests.

Parents play an important role in encouraging children to strike a balance between studies and play. They should also guide children to communicate better. Ms Malarvelee shares that it is imperative for parents to cultivate a good parent-child relationship as well as friendship with their child, ensuring that the child has a trusted outlet to share his or her thoughts and emotions.