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At Kumon, we prepare and encourage our students to learn beyond their school grade level as this better prepares them to stay one step ahead in school. New concepts are introduced in stages at a pace that is comfortable for the child, allowing the child to understand the concepts and apply them gradually. Putting your child on the advanced study track not only benefits him in school, but also moulds him or her to be more confident and further stretches their limitless potentials and level of thinking.

So how can we as parents help our children on this path?

  1. Set Goals

It is important to set goals with your child as this helps them understand the importance of studying advanced materials and set expectations for themselves. Let them know that you are there for them as they embark on this journey. Take note of your child’s progress and daily study materials. Constant communication and words of encouragement will definitely boost the child to strive forward when faced with challenging materials.

  1. Keeping daily routines in check

It is important for the child to progress at a pace that is right for them. Thus, try to set a routine that works best for your child while taking his or her school workload into consideration. Set a ‘Kumon Time’ for your child to focus on completing worksheets and learning materials so that they do not feel pressured having to complete these “tasks” before the next Kumon lesson.

Your child will then learn to be discipline and understand the importance of time management – balancing between play and study hours. By doing so, your child will also enjoy a sense of accomplishment when completing his or her homework and take greater pride in their work.

  1. A study area that sparks joy

Children are easily distracted and may not be able to focus effectively in a cluttered environment. Parents should prepare a study area that is conducive and an area which your child would enjoy spending time in, be it in the hall or a study room. The space allocated should be well lit, organised and away from unnecessary distractions i.e., the television, the piano, or even the kitchen.

Create dedicated space or shelves for your child to learn to organise his or her worksheets and homework. This will help them juggle their workload and also be independent in packing their bags for school and Kumon classes!

  1. Discovering mistakes

When helping your child with their homework, do not immediately provide them with the right answer or solution. While it is important for a child to get the right answers, it is equally important for them to acknowledge their mistakes and the right way forward. Encourage them to identify their own mistakes and determine the next steps – this will boost their confidence to take on more challenging questions, topics or subjects on their own.

Lastly, acknowledge every milestone with your child as they continue to do their best, be it completing a new level worksheet or scoring well in an Achievement Test (AT). Your child deserves to celebrate these achievements with you and your family!