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Time Management during holidays | Kumon Malaysia

School is now over! When it is a holiday, students may have the idea that they should stop learning and just take advantage of this opportunity to relax from the hectic routine at school. Yes, it is true, but good time management is also important because it will help them to spend their holidays more productively.

Here are some tips to help you stay focused and productive during the school holiday season.

1. Plan ahead.

If you have to travel during the holidays, you’ll need to plan your time in advance to complete any pending tasks. Start early and save yourself from unnecessary stress at the last hour. If you are a Kumon student, you can always bring along your Kumon worksheets on vacation. Prepare it thoroughly with the stationeries you’ll need and the right quantity of Kumon worksheets you’ll need for each day of your vacation.

2. Find a routine.

The change in routine during the holidays may contribute to the loss of learning momentum. A solution to this could be attempting to incorporate some form of a learning routine into their daily schedules. It can be as little as 10 minutes of journaling or 30 minutes of critical thinking activities. In the Kumon Maths and English programme, students typically dedicate 30 minutes per day to complete worksheets which will enable them to master various concepts. That 30 minutes helps to incorporate a solid learning routine so that students can advance regardless of the time of year. Sticking with the routine helps students continue their progress, and it will pave the way for a smoother transition back to school after the holidays.

3. Learn to prioritise.

Children can always pause and take a deep breath when they feel overwhelmed with the holiday activities. Focus on the things that matters to you, and space out the tasks to avoid trying to do too much at one time. Seek help and understanding from friends and family. It is recommended for children to complete the Kumon worksheets first thing in the morning before the day gets into a full swing. What is most important is to avoid procrastinating. Turn off the television, shut off the social media and put down your phones. Find a quiet place to study and complete the Kumon worksheets.

4. Spare time to relax.

Mindfulness, meditation and breathing exercises are all great ways to destress. Take the time to reduce stress and increase your focus throughout the day by using these techniques or by incorporating exercise into your routine. Find the time to fit exercise into your day – it can be as simple as taking a longer route to the shop or opt for the stairs instead of the elevator. You can also take time to enjoy the rewards of your hard work. By practicing good time management, you can then take the time to enjoy meaningful occasions with family and friends, get involved in community events and more – all while meeting your Kumon obligations!