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1) Provide a calm environment

Create a serene and peaceful environment at home to facilitate your child’s study time, ensuring minimal distractions and interruptions from siblings or other family members during this period. Consider the possibility of your child studying at a library, a grandparent’s house or even a neighbour’s home, which may offer a quieter environment than your own. A change of scenery can often enhance their focus and eliminate the usual distractions of home life.

2) Use revision techniques

There are numerous methods for revising and retaining crucial information, ranging from using planners and mind maps to employing mnemonics or ‘mind palace’ memory techniques. Familiarisation with past papers and practise answering helps build confidence as well as skills (something that our Kumon students already know a lot about!)

Revision cue cards can also be very useful for some topics. They limit clutter and make it easier for your child to revise or refresh their memory on the go. Additionally, cue cards serve as a convenient tool that you and other family members can utilise to test your child’s knowledge.

3) Show interest and give praise

Respect that your child’s learning style might differ from yours. Parents should refrain from nagging and maintain an interest in their child’s progress. Encourage active revision techniques rather than merely reading notes or watching videos. Revision works best when students summon information from their memory, so offer to be their revision buddy and engage them with questions. Encourage them to teach you a challenging topic; if you can grasp it, it’s a good indication that they understand it thoroughly as well!

4) Schedule time to exercise, rest and relax

Children can become completely absorbed in exam preparation, hence, it’s crucial for them to allocate time for relaxation and unwinding. Implementing a revision timetable will enable your child to complete their study tasks within a specified time, granting them the freedom to pursue their interests and engage in various activities during their free time. If the school hasn’t provided guidance on creating a timetable, numerous online resources do offer valuable suggestions for crafting effective study schedules to manage their time efficiently.

5) Help them get a good night’s sleep

Ensuring a good night’s sleep becomes even more critical during exam season. While your child might feel the urge to cram in last-minute revision the night before, they will be much more attentive and capable of recalling information with a well-rested mind after a peaceful night’s sleep.

Kumon students are well-acquainted with the importance of daily practice, consistent testing and reviewing topics regularly, as well as utilising newly acquired knowledge in their ongoing studies. These invaluable study skills and the ability to study independently are instilled by our dedicated Instructors. As a result, along with their proficiency in Maths and English, Kumon students are often well-prepared for success in exams.

Good luck to everyone sitting their exams!