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While Kumon is a brand that isn’t unfamiliar in most countries, there have been various perceptions about Kumon, its offerings and its purpose in the education sector. Some regard it as a learning centre originated from Japan while some may say that it’s just another tuition centre, kindergarten or even an enrichment programme for adults!

With the various assumptions out there, what is Kumon and what role does it play in the learning journey? Let’s read on to find out.

Originated from Japan, Kumon is an after-school enrichment programme that was first introduced in 1955. Derived from the love of a father, Toru Kumon (the founder) who was also a Maths teacher, wanted to help his son improve his studies. He also realised that it is important to build a foundation in comprehension and critical thinking. Thus, Toru Kumon saw the need to help students master their native language or English to aid with comprehension and Maths. According to him, these two subjects will build the right foundation for students to adapt and learn other subjects such as Science.

Not only did he succeed in helping his son improve in his school grade, he also realised that his son was able to ‘advance study’, ie; study ahead of his actual school grade. Leveraging on this success, Toru Kumon began helping other students in his neighbourhood to stretch their potential. For over 60 years now, his learning method has since been introduced across 51 countries and regions globally through worksheets and other learning materials. Today, Kumon has over 4 million students, globally. Beyond academic achievements, the Kumon Method has also equipped students with critical life skills such as critical thinking, perseverance, discipline and positive study habits that will mould them into holistic individuals.

Kumon classes are conducted after school hours as a means to supplement a student’s learning journey. Parents may find it unusual or surprised that there are no whiteboards or a dedicated teacher in front of the classroom. This is because, Kumon implements individualised learning, where students will learn according to their own ability and pace, regardless of their actual school grade. Thus, students are assigned worksheets and levels that are suitable for their current ability, guided by the Instructor. The student will then progress to more advanced levels at his or her own pace. This is how Toru Kumon envisioned learning to be and its impact is evident around the world today.

In a nutshell, Kumon is designed to be an after-school enrichment centre, with the aim to help students achieve their limitless potential as well as foster the love for learning. This is our unique method and our team of dedicated instructors are equally committed in helping all students achieve this.