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Instilling leadership qualities in your child has many positive outcomes. Once children start learning about leadership traits, they will mature quicker as they are able to experience responsibility, accountability, ownership, communication, problem solving and organisational skills. Every child has the potential to become a leader, but leadership development is a lifelong process. As adults, we can teach children the required skills and traits to develop.

The following are some key leadership principals that can be taught to children:


Communication is a major key pillar when developing leaders. It requires effective listening and verbal articulation. A good leader listens before he speaks. Once a young leader is confident of his ability to listen, then he will have the confidence to ask questions. This process will make a leader be perceived as mature. Studies have shown that the best way for children to experience this skill is by getting them to order their meals when they are at a restaurant. The conversation with the waiter will test their listening and question-probing ability.


In order for leaders to shine, they need to learn to work with others in a cohesive manner. Children must learn to adapt to groups of people that have diverse personalities. If they can master this trait, then they will be seen as professional, and one who is also easy to work with.

A good life experience activity that helps build the individual team player ethos is sports participation and group volunteer work.

Planning and Decision-making Abilities

Empowering children to choose and plan social events, activities and meal gatherings is a good way to expand their decision-making capabilities. The recommended practice to enhance their planning and decision-making skills is to host brainstorming sessions, which will also require them delegating team members to carry out specific tasks. By giving children such exposure, gradually, young child leaders will develop into fully competent and inspirational adult captains of industries.


A good leader is someone that is always looking for constant improvement. This can be taught at a very young age by allowing children to participate in organising events and activities.

If your child is given daily responsibilities, it will grow their maturity level compared to their peers who have never been empowered with any tasks.