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Knowing that you will be jet-setting off on a family vacation with your children is indeed exciting, be it at the beach, a city adventure or a campout in the mountains! Family vacations are the best time for parents to spend uninterrupted, quality time with your children and creating fond memories together.

With so much excitement leading up to the vacation, planning ahead may sometimes prove to be a challenge, particularly when travelling with younger children who are not used to the travel experience!

Fret not, if you’re planning for a stress-free and fun adventure, read on below for some suggested practical tips before your next holiday!

1. Do research

The priority on your to-do list prior to heading off on your vacation is to do some basic research to determine a suitable location or the best accommodation that everyone will enjoy! It’s recommended to do an in-depth research by reading reviews and articles, especially where you have young children in the family, as not all tourist spots and places are child-friendly. With research checked off your list, you will then have realistic expectations of how your vacation will turn out to be!

2. Creating checklists

The next step after carrying out a thorough research is to create a checklist, be it in your vacation planner or via your digital devices – whichever is the most convenient option for you and your family! A checklist will serve as your list of reminders, be it items to pack for each family member, emergency contact numbers, the ‘must-see’ spots within your itinerary…and the list is endless! With a checklist in hand, your trip will definitely be more organised and well-planned.

3. Preparing your travel essentials

When travelling with children, it is always important to remain well-prepared especially during trips with a longer travelling time which may cause children to be easily bored and restless. Essential items to remember include your passport, items that your children can be kept busy with (their favourite toy or book!), chargers…and the list goes on. Always remember to include this list in your checklist too!

4. Be sure to pack early

Avoid last minute packing as we then tend to forget certain essential items if we are rushing away excitedly for our much-awaited vacation. Why not put your checklist to good use here to ensure that you don’t leave out any items, especially when you’re also helping other family members to pack their suitcases.

5. Always have a Plan B

Lastly, parents should always be ready with back-up plans. Unprecedented factors such as flight delays, traffic jams and unfavourable weather conditions may affect how your vacation pans out to be. It’s always a good idea to have back-up plans for certain activities in your itinerary, as you’ll never know when unwanted occurrences may happen during your vacation. Back-up plans are key to keep in mind to ensure a smooth and fun vacation!