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Just like that, we are now entering the next school year of 2023/2024. For students and parents facing hurdles in school, the Kumon Method of Learning might just be the supplemental program you need. But how exactly can Kumon help students? And how does Kumon complements school learnings?

1. Kumon helps create good study routines.

Without the right study routine plus the absence of a physical school atmosphere, students, especially early learners, might find it difficult to adjust and get into the learning mood or zone. As a supplementary learning program, Kumon nurtures children towards having a healthy study routine by training them to answer their worksheets for 30-45 minutes every day at home. Through this, they steadily develop a habit of studying daily. In due time, studying becomes a natural part of their daily routine. Each day, they gain study habits that positively influence their attitude toward school and learning.

2. Kumon builds a solid foundation of academic skills.

The Kumon Method of Learning lets students begin their study at a level that they can accomplish fairly easily, regardless of age and school grade, to let them discover the joy of learning. Kumon study focuses on guiding students to tackle lessons, topics and concepts that are refreshed or reinforced, thus laying a solid foundation for their academic ability. Along with this, students experience a sense of accomplishment as they progress independently without being taught.

3. Kumon empowers students to advance independently.

Kumon aims to nurture students to have the ability to study advanced material through self-learning, regardless of their age and school grade. With daily Kumon study, students are equipped with strong academic skills and are thus capable of studying advanced materials that are two, three or even four years above their school grade level.

Armed with advanced knowledge, students will find it easier and more enjoyable to study their lessons in school without the pressure of catching up. As they have already studied advanced materials, they will have more time to master other topics and subjects or explore other fields of interest.

Beyond this, they see a world of possibilities. Students realise that they can accomplish anything if they try. They build up self-esteem and become more confident in their skills. As they continuously progress, they then quickly develop the ability to take on new challenges not only in Kumon but also in school.