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Kumon students attain several milestones throughout their journey with us. There’s their first perfectly answered worksheet, the first time they read and count independently and the first time they level up. Perhaps, the highlight of all these milestones is the Kumon Programme Completion.

Behind all these successes are parents and family members, supporting and cheering them on. As they reach new levels in Kumon, here’s how you can help your child strive towards completion:

1.Talk about the importance of their Kumon journey

Does your child know why he/she is enrolled in Kumon? Discuss your observations, your hopes for him/her and why this prompted you to partner with Kumon. Explaining to your child why he/she is studying Kumon in the first place and how it could benefit him/her in the future could help lay down a solid interest in the Kumon learnings. You can also share stories of Kumon families who have experienced the benefits of being enrolled or completing the Kumon programme.

2. Set a goal together

Once your child understands how Kumon will help him/her reach his/her dreams, set a goal together. There’s a tendency for your child to have a different expectation than you or vice versa. So it’s important to go through the goal setting process together. Perhaps, you can start with immediate goals, such as ensuring that a time of the day is dedicated to completing the worksheets. From there, you can build long-term goals, such as reaching a new learning level. Little by little, these short- and long-term goals will serve as a stepping stone that will eventually lead your child to complete his/her levels.

3. Build a healthy partnership with your Kumon Instructor

Kumon Instructors are here to bring out your child’s potential by providing guidance and ensuring the worksheets are level-suitable to your child’s skills. Whenever you have the time, grab the chance to talk about your child’s Kumon studies. Your instructor may set a scheduled parent meeting where he/she can talk about your child’s developments, her plans and how everyone can work together. You can also share your observations about your child and your goals for him/her during this meeting. Through this partnership, you can help your child be on his/her way toward reaching completion.

4. Know when to rest

The shift from online to face-to-face and vice versa impacted everyone, including you and your child. The changes in the learning environment and other activities can sometimes overwhelm children if proper guidance isn’t given. As many successful people say, “Rest but don’t quit.” To avoid a sense of being overwhelmed, remind your child to take a break and then continue working towards his/her goals. Help him/her understand that resting from time to time does wonders and helps boost energy and gain a fresh perspective. With a well-rested mind, your child can go further.

5. Remember, parents are the number 1 cheerleaders!

We all feel down sometimes, especially when things get tough. When you feel that your child is down for not perfecting the worksheet or if he/she repeated the same worksheet, revisit your goals together. Recall how far they’ve come and how every worksheet is a step closer to unveiling their true potential.  You are their number one cheerleader. And with this role, be there with them through thick and thin. Cheer them up when they feel unmotivated or celebrate their wins!  Behind every successful Kumon student is a parent who cheered them on. With these tips, your child will be well on his/her way towards success!