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The Kumon Method of Learning has been performed on paper worksheets across the world for over 60 years. These worksheets have since evolved from those that Maths teacher and parent, Toru Kumon, created for his son, incorporating small-step, independent learning and daily practice.

After many years of delivering academic success using paper worksheets, we’re delighted to re-introduce the Kumon worksheets in a digital format via Kumon Connect, making Kumon’s tried and tested worksheets even more accessible and convenient for students to study using their tablet and stylus.

For your child, having the ability to access their allocated work on a tablet via Kumon Connect means they’re able to easily take work with them and receive their next sets of worksheets from their Instructor instantaneously. They can use Kumon Connect in class just as they can with paper worksheets, and when they’re completing their daily study outside of the centre, they’ll always be conveniently presented the correct order of worksheets digitally.

As a parent, you’ll have access to data on Kumon Connect about your child’s progress and your Instructor can send them supportive comments, provide helpful study hints and adjust their ongoing studies accordingly.

Kumon students can use a compatible tablet and stylus for Kumon study using the Kumon Connect




Benefits of studying with Kumon Connect:

  • Able to achieve the cognitive benefits of writing answers with the convenience of a digital platform
  • Allocation of study worksheets can be automatically delivered and adjusted as required, even if the student is unable to attend in-centre class
  • Neat and tidy learning with no loose paper at home
  • Access to the allocated work at home, during the holiday or when you can’t attend the in-centre class
  • Understand your child’s progress through the levels with access to study data and your child’s results
  • Students can practice mess-free handwriting, compared to using a pencil and eraser

For more information about Kumon Connect, do contact the Kumon instructor at your nearest Kumon centre