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Despite the current situation that we have found ourselves in due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic that has led to the closure of schools and learning institutions nationwide, Kumon believes that even at home the learning journey never stops! In face of the pandemic, Kumon has adapted to the new normal, bringing Kumon lessons from the classroom to the comfort of your very own homes, complete with guidance from your instructors.

Here are 3 key learning platforms that we provide that best caters to the needs of your child:

  1. Collection of worksheets

For a seamless learning experience for your child, our Kumon instructors will provide the necessary worksheets for your child to complete at home. In addition, your instructor will discuss with parents on a suitable schedule for children to carry out their online learning classes. They can opt for either once or twice a week of classes, with a minimum duration of 30 minutes per class based on your child’s capabilities.

2. Worksheets viewing through My Kumon App

Accessible through any tablets or smartphones, my Kumon App enables your child to view their respective set of Kumon worksheets based on their current study grade. Kumon instructors will also be present online to provide guidance and support to further enhance their learning experience.

3. On-ground classes at Kumon centres

This option for onground physical Kumon classes is only applicable to states where the Conditional Movement Control Order (‘CMCO’) is not implemented. However, to ensure the highest safety standards and wellbeing of our students, instructors and all Kumon staff, Kumon centres nationwide must adhere to the SOPs set by the Ministry of Health.

Kindly refer below for the SOPs that are practiced throughout all of our Kumon centres:

Kumon notices

For more information, you may contact Instructor of your nearest centre. To find your nearest centre, please visit