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Mr Yosuke Sugawa,
General Manager of Kumon Malaysia

Being passionate and tenacious in nurturing children to achieve their limitless potential….

Early childhood education is indeed critical in a child’s developmental journey as it nurtures their key characteristics, traits and skill-sets during these crucial years; helping them grow across all aspects of life be it outside or within a classroom setting. After all, it is during these tender years that a child gains experiences which shapes their social and cognitive capabilities.

With a keen interest and a strong passion in early childhood education, Mr Yosuke Sugawa, General Manager of Kumon Malaysia, aims to leverage on his hands-on experiences of over 15 years in the education industry, to facilitate young minds to achieve their fullest capabilities in academic excellence as well as in acquiring critical life skills.

Since Mr Sugawa began his journey with Kumon in Japan back in 2001, he has worked across various divisions including taking on the role as a Field Consultant and Chief Instructor, working closely with KUMON franchisees or instructors to further enhance the centres’ quality. He also constantly deals with Kumon parents and students as he believes that those ground experiences are the core of his job.

As the Leader for Center Set Up Department, Mr Sugawa helmed the growth of Kumon in Japan, taking charge of expansion and growth plans to spread the benefits and successes of the Kumon method. Continuing his journey in improving the lives of the communities that he serves in, Mr Sugawa then took on the role as the Deputy General Manager for Kumon Asia & Oceania region, overseeing all countries within the region to ensure smooth operations throughout.

Continuing his commitment and passion to further enrich young minds for them to achieve their limitless potential, Mr Sugawa currently oversees all business operations and management aspects as he takes on the role as the General Manager of Kumon Malaysia, which has more than 200 centres and growing nationwide.