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In today’s competitive world, we as parents hope to prepare our children for opportunities and challenges ahead. Beyond the academic field, we aim to stretch their limitless potentials beyond scoring straight As but to also equip them with the necessary life skills for the future. Kumon recognises this and have been committed in helping children develop self-confidence through the Kumon method. The Kumon method comprises of worksheets designed to enable children learn at a comfortable pace (‘just right’ level), gain confidence and progressively challenge themselves as they encounter new concepts.

Can parents play a role? Yes! Here are some tips you could apply to help your child build self-confidence:

  • Words of encouragement

It is important to motivate your child especially when they take up challenges or encounter new topics. Encourage them to strive forward, understanding the key concept of ‘it is okay to make mistakes’. Celebrate the milestones but also clearly discuss their mistakes with them as this would in turn help them gain confidence, feel the sense of accomplishment and motivated to advance further.

  • Set a good example

As we all hope that our children do as we say and not as we do, children spend their days observing their parents. As such, it is important to set a good example especially when communicating at home. Speak positively, even when you are addressing a negative feedback. Give your child respect as they would then adapt to respect you and others around them too.

  • Listening

A simple gesture that does wonders, spend time with your children and encourage them to share their experiences with you. You can initiate these conversations by asking simple questions such as, ‘How was your day?’, ‘Who did you have lunch with at school’? and more. Children need to feel loved, knowing that their parents pay attention and are interested in their children’s day to day experiences despite their busy schedule.

Hence, try initiating frequent conversations like these as it would strengthen the bond between you and your child. Your child would also feel more comfortable opening up to you about his or her concerns, worries and what he or she is excited about.

  • Learn new skills

Stretch your child’s potential by encouraging them to try various activities such as drawing or educational computer games. Identify activities and the skill set it provides for your child.

Additionally, use these activities to encourage your child to interact with his or her siblings or close friends as this would promote a healthy dose of competitiveness, interaction and communication with each other.

There are various ways to help your child instil self-confidence. Just remember that they look to you for guidance and that they would naturally want to be just like mommy and daddy. Demonstrate the kind of confidence you would want your child to have and continue to encourage your child to be more confident!