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The Kumon Free Trial Classes provides the opportunity for new students to experience two weeks of the Maths or English study programmes for free!

The Kumon Method of Learning is designed to help a child realise his/her fullest potentials and become an enthusiastic learner. Through daily worksheets and Instructor’s guidance, your child will work at the ‘just-right’ level to develop the ability and fluency in small and manageable steps. They start at a comfortable level, allowing them to build confidence, concentration and pace, before progressing on to higher level work. Your child will also build on strong learning foundations such as problem solving, working independently and problem solving, which are transferrable skills that will help them achieve succeed not just in school, but also in their future careers.

The benefits of Free Trial Classes

  • Your child will learn how small amounts of daily study will work for them, boosting their confidence and satisfaction each time they complete a worksheet.
  • They will get to experience the atmosphere of Kumon study centre where students are focused on their own individually set worksheets under their Instructor’s guidance.
  • Your child will learn how to complete their worksheets in a timely way, demonstrating and practising what they already know, and what they can achieve.
  • You’ll learn how your child can settle into a daily study routine and how it can work for your family, plus you’ll learn more about your child’s ability by seeing them complete worksheets independently.
  • You’ll gain valuable insights into their current learning level and receive a study projection that shows what your child can achieve in their first six months of Kumon study.
  • You’ll learn about your child’s potential as your instructor will be able to identify your child’s key abilities. Whether that is to focus, attention to detail, mental calculation skills, reading comprehension or pencil control skills, you will be able to understand areas in which Kumon can start to develop your child.

To begin your Free Trial Classes, you can contact the Kumon Instructor at your nearest centre and set an appointment date for Parents Orientation. Thereafter, your child will take a Diagnostic Test which is designed to identify his/her current abilities and establish topics that require further development. Upon completion of the assessment, the Instructor will share your child’s style of working and you’ll be able to understand the projected pathway that your child will work through to keep developing and progressing.

During the Free Trial Classes, your child will be provided with a set number of worksheets to complete each day of the week, attending up to two classes within a week, where the Kumon Instructor can observe and guide his/her study.

The Kumon study aims to ensure that every child develops a love for learning. To discover your child’s potential with the Kumon Maths and English study programmes, contact you’re the Kumon Instructor at your nearest centre to obtain the Kumon Free Trial Classes today! The latest Free Trial Classes offer is available from 17 until 30 August 2023 at all centres in Malaysia.