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The Importance of the First Year with Kumon Programme

It is during the first 12 months of the Kumon programme that a student will build the foundation of self-learning. Self-learning can be defined as the ability to take in information, process, retain and understand it without being taught every new topic or concept. This is the skill that Kumon strives to instil in all of their students. The pillars that support self-learning includes confidence, a daily study habit, individualised learning and proficiency in the fundamentals of Mathematics and English.

This article will go through how these pillars are built in the first year of Kumon study, the potential benefits and how they can be further developed through long-term study of the Kumon programmes.

1) Confidence

The Kumon programmes are built to instil confidence in our students from the moment they enrol. A Kumon Instructor will assign a student at a level of work that is reasonably easy for the student to accomplish based on the results of their Diagnostic Test. The goal is to ensure the student has a daily routine and familiarity when completing Kumon worksheets. At this point, students will typically study topics that they are already familiar with. Once the students settle into their study flow, they will slowly gain confidence. During their first year of study, students are to complete the worksheets until they reach a level of study that is just above their school grade. This shift boosts students’ confidence by proving that they are capable of advanced study through self-learning.

2) A daily study routine

The Kumon programme guides students on the effective ways of studying on a daily basis. Time spent for each subject should be approximately 30 minutes per day. Studying everyday can help them reduce the number of errors made, lessen completion time, review an earlier topic or consolidate something new before moving on. This will establish the foundation for future success as they acquire a daily study habit over the first 12 months in Kumon.  Self-study is an important aspect of effective learning.

3) Individualised learning

The Kumon programme is an individualised programme which enables students to learn at a level that is appropriate for them (neither too easy nor too difficult), which will help them progress at their own pace. Kumon Instructors maintain this for each student by monitoring and observing their progress and assigning the worksheets that students are ready to learn next. Individualised learning benefits all Kumon students in their first year. Students who require more assistance are given ample time to revise before moving on to advanced topics. Kumon students usually enjoy studying because they are not pressured to keep up with the rest of their classmates.

4) Proficiency in Mathematics and English

The Kumon Mathematics programme teaches students the quick and precise calculation skills that is necessary for high school level. On the other hand, the Kumon English programme helps students achieve a high level of reading comprehension. Students will gain competence in their first year, regardless of whether they study Kumon Mathematics, English, or both programmes. Students will gain the necessary knowledge once they have acquired strong mental calculation and reading comprehension skills through long-term study with Kumon.