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At Kumon, we prioritise the collaboration between parents, students and instructors, as we firmly believe that it is the key to unlocking the true potential of every child. We refer to this collaborative effort as the Kumon Triangle, with the student’s learning placed at its core. Through close cooperation among Kumon parents, students and instructors, we strive to optimise every child’s learning experience.

As Kumon is a daily study programme where students are required to complete worksheets at home each day and attend the study centre up to twice a week, the active involvement of parents at home is crucial. Parents not only provide motivation but also ensure that their children diligently complete their worksheets, as this is where the rapid learning takes place. Often, it is the simple engagement between parent and child that enables the child to optimise their learning potential at home.

Throughout a student’s journey at Kumon, their instructor plays a vital role in assigning the appropriate volume and level of study to help them reach their fullest potential. At the centre, the instructor will:

  1. Observe the child by paying attention to the development of their study skills, how they tackle new work, their ability to self-correct and their growing Maths and English proficiency.
  2. Give feedback and guidance based on these observations to help build the child’s academic and self-learning skills.
  3. Set medium and long-term goals with the child and develop a study projection to help achieve these goals.

At home, it is the role of the parents to encourage the child to stay on track and pursue their learning goals. A Kumon parent should:

  1. Remain positive and assure their child that they are there to support their learnings for the long term.
  2. Create a quiet environment for the child to work in, allowing them to give their full attention to the worksheets and complete their work more efficiently and effectively.
  3. Praise the child’s academic improvement, effort and positive attitude towards studying.
  4. Maintain ongoing conversations with the instructor, and inform them of anything that might impact their child’s studies.

The student’s role is to be fully committed to Kumon studies by completing their homework daily and attending every Kumon class. The common goal for both Kumon instructor and parent is to ultimately entrust the child with full responsibility for their own learning. As a Kumon student progresses through their learning journey, they will gradually take charge of their progress, as they become an independent learner.

At every stage of the Kumon journey, this collaborative partnership among the student, instructor and parent remains essential in order to achieve the student’s true potential and foster the development of their abilities to the fullest.