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Students who find joy and satisfaction throughout their learning process have the potential to excel towards a brighter future.

The Kumon Programme embraces the spirit of learning and is built on the foundation that every individual learns at their own pace and capabilities, at a level that is “just-right” for them. At each level, it takes effort from both students and Kumon instructors to advance them to the next level with motivation, hard work and resilience to reach their fullest potential.

How do Kumon worksheets allow students to progress? Every child starts off at a learning level which is suited to their respective capabilities, regardless of their age and their school grade. The Kumon worksheets are uniquely crafted to allow progression in small steps so that students are able to easily grasp concepts along the way and apply them throughout their learning journey, ranging from easy to more challenging problems for students to tackle. The worksheets include clear examples that allow students to learn by example, further developing and sharpening their self-learning and problem solving habits.

When students are faced with unfamiliar concepts for the first time, Kumon Instructors will provide guidance and hints that are tailored to help them solve these problems according their own ability. Instructors pay careful attention to the progress of each student and are always around to support the students throughout every step of their learning journey, whether it’s providing them with encouragement or the guidance they require. In doing so, they play a significant role in achieving the fullest potential of each student.

Both the support of Kumon instructors and parents play a critical role in ensuring the success of a child, particularly during their growing years. In order to maximise learning and the development of positive daily study habits, homework is assigned to be completed in class and at home. Parents can help to facilitate home learning by playing an active role in their child’s homework and by providing them with the necessary guidance.

Read on to find out how the Kumon Method of Learning allows students to nurture their fullest potential.

Easy Starting Point

  • Developing a strong academic foundation through knowing the basics allows a child to easily progress through their learning journey.

By commencing at a level that students are familiar with, Instructors are able to address any gaps or challenges that hinders a students’ academic progress and capabilities from moving on to the next Kumon level. Completing worksheets that they are familiar and are at ease with allows students to nurture positive study habits, including sharpening their focus, speed and accuracy.

  • Setting study projections

When students are enrolled at Kumon, clear study projections are mapped out for students so that they can progress in the most efficient manner, according to their capabilities. By observing and understanding the current ability of students through the Diagnostic Test, the Instructor then sets achievable goals and suitable starting point, aiming for them to comfortably progress through the various levels at Kumon.

Studying at the “Just-Right” Level

  • Determining the “Just-Right” level

The “just-right” level is determined by Kumon Instructors who closely monitor students throughout their duration of study. Skills such as mental calculation, self-correction and comprehension are skillsets that are thoroughly assessed to ensure students are adequately equipped before moving on to thrive at the next level. The Instructor determines the highest point where each student can grasp the contents with ease and decides whether or not the particular level of difficulty best suits the student.

  • Allows students to enjoy their learning journey

Students should enjoy their learning journey and not find it a chore. By learning at a level that is just right for them, students will exhibit a greater attitude towards learning as their motivation increases. Instead of feeling discouraged at the slightest challenge, students take the initiative to overcome adversity and to take pride in their own achievements.

Study Beyond School Grade Level

  • Learning based on ability, not school grade.

There is no limit to how much student can advance with Kumon. Without being restricted by one school’s grade, students can achieve more through challenging themselves to unfamiliar study materials. By advancing beyond school grade level, students will have the confidence to tackle school materials they have already mastered in Kumon.

  • Develop self-confidence

As students experience the satisfaction of learning advanced study material, they will also develop self-belief and conviction in seeing success in their own work. Students feel a sense of accomplishment when they realise how much they can achieve if they put in the effort and hard work required. This mind-set is invaluable as they navigate through the challenges that life brings.