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There are days in our lives that we feel down and feel like giving up. It’s important to know that It is normal for us to experience such days and that you are not alone. While it is normal to experience these episodes, let us also look at some of the factors and tips that can help us better manage our “bad days”.


  • Align your thoughts

You are in control of your own mind. Whenever you feel overwhelmed with negative thoughts, take a step back and try to redirect your mind to focus on positive and uplifting thoughts. Tell yourself, “Yes, I can!” instead of, “I can’t do this”.

The interesting fact about cultivating positive thoughts is that your mind and body will respond to this and motivate you to push yourself further, giving you the nudge of confidence that you need.

As they say, what doesn’t break you only makes you stronger. So, do not sweat over the small things!


  • Keep trying

It is okay if you don’t succeed the first time, pick yourself up, learn from the mistakes and success of others and give it another go.

The famous postmaster general of the United States, the late John Wanamaker once said, “No mistake or failure is as bad as to stop and not try again.”


  • Always remember why you started

When you embark on a new journey, there must be a driving factor that encourages you to keep moving forward. Sometimes, halfway through our journey, we may deviate from our initial goal and the feeling to give up may surface, this is when we must have perseverance and strive forward. Hence, always have your end goal in mind and don’t forget to keep track of your progress every now then. Every little achievement is a milestone in your journey. Remember, you are stronger than you think.


  • Be grateful and proud of what you’ve achieved

At the end of each day, reflect on all that you have achieved and trial attempts and be proud of yourself Give yourself a pat on the back! They say that gratitude is a powerful catalyst for happiness, so always remember to be grateful, even for the littlest things. Always be thankful for your family, friends, food, house and the little things in life that you have because not everything is permanent. Whenever you express appreciation, you’ll experience joy and this in return will attract positive vibes and divert you from negative thoughts.


  • Let your hair down

When was the last time you did something fun? Do you remember when was the last time you did any physical activity outdoors, such as jogging, walking or swimming? A huge contributing factor in developing a healthy and positive mind is to ensure your physical body is well taken care of too. So take some time off, put on your running shoes and jog at the park near your house, meet up with a friend for a cup of coffee or catch a movie or two. Let your hair down once in a while!


  • Surround yourself with positive people

Positive people always support one another. Make sure to surround yourself with friends and family who believe in you or acknowledge the value you bring. They are your best cheerleaders especially when you feel like giving up.


In conclusion, everyone experiences bad days sometimes. Remember to take a deep breath and press forward. Don’t give up! So, embrace each day with a smile!