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Who doesn’t look forward to the holidays? Everyone, especially children look forward to this time of year. You take a break from classes, projects, group work, or even organisational tasks while school is on break. After waking up, you have extra time to lounge in bed, play and engage in other leisure activities. But, while you may have planned additional time for leisure, could the holiday be an excuse to avoid academic-related activities entirely? Before you put your pencils and worksheets in a corner, consider why it’s worthwhile to continue learning throughout the holidays.

1. It helps you keep your routine.

For months, you have built and maintained a good study routine that has helped you come this far. So, this holiday season, keep the routine to avoid losing momentum. Make time for brain-stimulating activities and continue to spend at least 30 minutes each day on worksheets. When you stick to your routine during the holiday, you will quickly adjust when school resumes.

2. The break helps you prepare.

The holidays can also be used to catch up on the lessons that you are struggling with. After taking a much-needed rest, skim through your notes or textbooks. With a rested mind and fresh perspective, you’ll have the energy to study with focus or find points you might have missed during discussions.

3. Exercise the brain.

Just like the rest of our muscles and organs, we need to take care of the brain so it can think, learn, problem-solve, and do its other functions well. So, exercise your brain this holiday season to keep it healthy! Aside from doing enjoyable things, spend at least 30 minutes reading or completing Kumon worksheets. By doing so, you challenge your brain and keep it active.

4. Take it easy and appreciate learning.

Perhaps you may lose attention and enthusiasm for learning in class when grades and other external factors put pressure on you. The holiday season is an excellent opportunity to revisit your school subjects and view them from a new perspective. You may be astonished to learn that your literature topics contain mind-boggling twists and turns, whereas your mathematics classes are exciting to solve!

5. Make it a meaningful break.

Some people say, “The holidays passed by so quickly!  I have no idea what happened.” Holidays don’t have to be like this, especially if you make them meaningful and productive. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn how to cultivate relationships with friends and family. You know you won’t have much time to do so once school resumes. Make the most of this time by learning new things or reading new books! The break is an excellent opportunity to improve so that you will be more confident and at ease when you return to school.

Everyone can make their holiday memorable and worthwhile. One method to do so is to pursue knowledge and continue to learn with passion. So don’t put your pens and learning materials away just yet—place them on the table and embark on a learning adventure!